Skinny Bitch 07/05/2008

Skinny Bitch is a health and diet book for women. I honestly thought for the longest time that this book was a fictional chick read about romance and a city girl lifestyle. I was wrong. My sister had read the book, and I found it on her bookshelf. After I flipped through a few pages out of curiosity, I realized it was a diet book.

The book is a quick read with an extreme point of view. The authors are vegans bashing anything about the USDA left and right, and persuading their audience not to eat meat. And the fact that they were Vegan sneaks up on you in the middle of the book.

Although they mentioned some good points, their style is targeted toward an audience that is probably more concerned with their appearance because of what other people think. I praise them for their marketing strategy...a bold, in your face, will use profanity, and cut the bull kind of style.
But unfortunately, many of the things they say are what anorexics tell themselves in their head, so unless you have a lot of confidence about who you are...I don't recommend reading this book



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