Do you have stress relievers?
 If yes, please share...
If no, please read...

a list...
1. Pet
2. Park
3. Beach (Must have feet in the sand! :)
4. Music (mellow)
5. Watching stand up comedy
6. Pool
7. Yoga
8. Fishing
9. Viewing wildlife
10. VACATION....camping if you are on a budget.
11. Turn off the outside world...cellphone, computer, and television



You know when you whisper that so and so has an Oreo Cakester and  by the time it gets down tho the end of the lunch table it becomes so and so got their first chest hair.

Communication has an obvious definition. But it's a difficult task.

Communication is an art that is hardly mastered.
food for thought...



This theory is so silly. If you don't know what it is, it's a theory explaining light as both a particle and a wave. Now, it is certainly evident that light behaves as both a particle and a wave, but I think it's just preposterous to say it is both. Unfortunately, it's the best explanation we've got right now, and I certainly don't have a better one. I hope scientists find one soon, this is bugging the hell out of me.

Yeah, this is what I think about when I'm bored...

Riding the Fence 06/29/2008

Are you optimistic or are you a pessimist? Maybe you are in the middle...or maybe it just depends on the topic?...


Ghastly Ghosts 06/26/2008

Do you believe in ghosts, spirits, or other paranormal/supernatural beings? Why or why not?



Have you ever actually tried putting animal crackers into hot soup? Tomato or any other variety? They get soggy and lose their appeal.

As a good friend of mine once said, "These are NOT soup-friendly wafers."

I'm All Ears. 06/23/2008

When people interrupt, it usually means they are not listening.


Advice 06/22/2008

Don't give it unless you are asked.
Don't ask unless you are going to listen.



Would you rather be famous or rich?



If you could live in any previous era, which one would it be?