Meet the Staff

The staff is a big group of friends having a blast with the college life, living anywhere from Tennessee to Chicago. Read the short biographies below to learn more!

Creator: Lindsey Rose

Lindsey is majoring in Organizational Communications and has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up...and that does not bother her. Lindsey is an entrepreneur and loves to hear or read anything about culture. There is not a day that goes by where she doesn't fantasize about an adventurous trip.

Staff: Meghan Davis (Meg)

Meg is currently double majoring in Foreign Language (conc. French) and Theatre (conc. Acting, Directing, Producing). She is interested in blues music, television shows on Bravo, bettering her booty dancing skills, enhancing her cooking abilities, and men with large noses. In her spare time, she enjoys writing creative  vignettes and poems. You can see her work at

Staff: Tristan James Sullivan

Tristan currently plans on attending MTSU in the fall and majoring in Mass Communications with an emphasis in journalism and minor in English,but who knows what he'll really do. His interests include dark comedies, kinky humor, the 60's counter-culture, taking long drives, and experiencing new things.


Staff: Laura Von Wahlde

Laura is currently waiting anxiously to attend North Park University inwhere she will continue her knowledge in psychology.

Staff: Jenny Siniard


Staff: Jordan "Cap'n Commie" Fey

Jordan is a Physics major with a double-minor in Music and English at MTSU and is currently unemployed. He's not really a communist, but then neither was Stalin. Or Castro. Or Chairman Mao. He enjoys his trombone and occasionally dabbles in composing. He's also trying to learn how to completely maintain his car. Hooray for many trips to Autozone.

Also, as you may see from his reviews, he likes books that are usually more than just a good story.

P.S. Sometimes I'm long-winded.

Jonathan Siler


Staff: Elizabeth Henegar

Elizabeth is double majoring in English and biology with a double minor in chemistry and classical studies at MTSU.  She is a docent at an antebellum mansion, so be prepared for a few old-fashioned comments from her.