Firefly (2002) 07/01/2008

This show was amazing. I never saw it when it aired, but a friend had the first (and only) season on DVD so I watched it. The acting is good, the stories and scripting are good, and the feel of it is just fantastic.

It's a science fiction show, but it has a very western feel to it. Spaceships and shotguns, pistols and planetary governments, holograms and ho-downs. The clash of the two genres makes it seem very naturalistic. Several things executive producer Joseph Whedon did to further this includes scenes in space where there is no sound- many sci-fi's have sound in space for dramatic effect- or music, unique cinematography, as well as focusing in on the small stories of individual lives.

The characters are the slightly dysfunctional space cowboy crew of Serenity, a Firefly-class ship that primarily runs smuggled goods with the occasional legitimate cargo. I came to love each and every character as they all had their flaws as well as their strengths.

FOX cut it before airing the entire first season, but many fans claim it is due to the fact that they did not air the pilot episode or the rest of the episodes in the correct order. However, ratings and reviews got better as the season went on and it has now attracted a respectable cult following.

I definitely say you should go purchase this show and watch it. I was so sad when I finished the last episode.


Reviewed by: Cap'n Commie



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