Wanted (2008) 07/05/2008

Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy Pair up for this sexy action pic. The movie has sex appeal and violence from beginning to end. For Morgan Freeman fans, he appears as the wise one. I was somewhat disappointed with the development of the story. The plot has good twists and poor historical coverage. But, overall, it was a very entertaining film and action lovers will be satisfied.


Reviewed by Lindsey

Wanted is a geek's wild dream. James McAvoy is a lonely account manager when Angelina Jolie shows up and introduces him to a world of excitement and purpose.
The action is eye-popping, though unrealstic. The storyline is interesting, though confusing at points. The message is strongly argued, though cliched.
Wanted goes on the shelf next to Fight Club, Office Space and The Matrix.

3.5/5 STARS

Reviewed by Tristan



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