While investigating a murder, a detective is lead to a sexy novelist who may be the culprit. Or is she?
This is the movie that made Sharon Stone a star; and I would be too if I showed my junk on the big screen. All coochie shots aside, Basic Instinct is a fast-paced, steamy film noir that never ceases to entertain. The script is a bit hokey at times, but luckily the director never takes the film too seriously. Stone is terrific as the femme fatale and Douglas stands up just as well.

This would make a good double-feature with Wild Things, another humorous erotic-thriller.  


Reviewed by Tristan


The characters work very well together. It's the perfect combination of mystery and comedy. This movie is from the creator of Lethal Weapon, writer and director Shane Black. Since it only made 4.2 million in its opening weekend, I never decided to watch the movie. Thankfully, I met someone who told me otherwise.

3.5/5 STARS

Reviewed by Lindsey


Starring Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford. Brad Pitt, an Irish criminal, goes to America to deal weapons. He stays with a cop, Harrison Ford, and lives in the family's basement. While getting close to the family, he also brings danger to Ford's home. Pitt must decide to give in to his new friend or make a run for it. The acting is well done and the plot is interesting.


Reviewed by Lindsey


I think you should see the movie. I don't think you should waste your money to see it in theaters. The plot was cheesy, as was the acting. Zooey Deschanel really disappointed me. The concept was original, so props for that. The cinematography was good. The humor was excellent. But, as much as I love Shyamalan's work, this movie has me questioning if he has lost it. I have faith in a comeback.


Review by Lindsey