Lolita (1997) 07/02/2008

When Humbert Humbert first sees 12 year old Lolita, he can't control himself and soon he's caught in her manipulative grasp.
Director Adrian Lyne's adaptation of Nabokov's novel includes the erotic elements that had to be snipped from Kubrick's version. The result is a mixture of comedy, perverse romance and provocative fascination. 
Many audiences objected to its depiction of pedophilia and some critics were annoyed by the lack of subtelty, but I can't help but fight for this gem.
Dominique Swain gives a captivating performance as the title character, and Jeremy Irons portrays a lovable Humbert. The score is hypnotic and the entire movie is beautifully shot.
If only Shelley Winters could've replaced Melanie Griffith, then it would've been nearly perfect.  

Fun fact: Natalie Portman was originally offered the title role but turned it down for "moral reasons".

4.5/5 STARS

Reviewed by Tristan


Matthew Mconaughey and Kate Hudson strike gold for chicks looking for a flick...again. We didn't get enough of their on camera chemistry in How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. The movie is entertaining, although not a cinematic classic for romance. My was national treasure in the Caribbean.


Reviewed by Lindsey