The characters work very well together. It's the perfect combination of mystery and comedy. This movie is from the creator of Lethal Weapon, writer and director Shane Black. Since it only made 4.2 million in its opening weekend, I never decided to watch the movie. Thankfully, I met someone who told me otherwise.

3.5/5 STARS

Reviewed by Lindsey

Iron Man (2008) 06/18/2008

I have fallen in love with Robert Downey Jr. He gave a fantastic performance. This movie had almost every genre of film thrown together with a finished product of genius. I would pay to see it more than once in theaters, and I'm cheap. There were minor flaws, but easy to dismiss because it has so much to make up for everything. Also, it was nice to see Gwyneth Paltrow again.

4.5/5 STARS

Reviewed by Lindsey