I always thought that Bruce Willis was an okay actor. He always seemed the same in all of his movies. Until M. Night Shyamalan cast him in The Sixth Sense, that is. I considered him decent. Since Night used him for Unbreakable, I think he is brilliant. His role is powerful, and his character is strong. The movie alone is very slow, but it's what makes room for the characters to be so strong. This film is about a realistic superhero. Samuel L. Jackson gave a great performance as well. This movie is a must-see.

4.5/5 STARS

Reviewed by Lindsey


I think you should see the movie. I don't think you should waste your money to see it in theaters. The plot was cheesy, as was the acting. Zooey Deschanel really disappointed me. The concept was original, so props for that. The cinematography was good. The humor was excellent. But, as much as I love Shyamalan's work, this movie has me questioning if he has lost it. I have faith in a comeback.


Review by Lindsey