WALL-E (2008) 07/05/2008

WALL-E is the last robot on Earth and he lives an isolated existence cleaning up the trash. Then one day a mysterious robot named EVE comes down from space and gives him a reason to live.
The first hour or so is wonderfully paced with a message that comes through instantly. However, the last third of the movie becomes a little contrived  and strange for the intended audience.
Many of the images are astounding and WALL-E is adorable. The homage to Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey is a treat for film buffs.


Reviewed by Tristan


"Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?" Keenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell team up to bring you this Nickelodeon classic. I knew I had loved this movie as a child, but even today, it's still genuinely funny. With small cameos from your favorite All That cast members and also other star performances from Sinbad, Shaq, and Carmen Elektra, this movie ensures laughs.

3.5/5 STARS

Reviewed by Lindsey