Vacation 07/10/2008

It's hard to take one in the states.

In Many European countries and Australia, vacation time lasts for about 3 months out of the year,  I should move...haha.



It is rumored that the city of love has some rude locals.
Yes, not every single person in Paris is going to welcome you with open arms.
But neither will New York or Los Angeles...or ANY major city.
Wanna have a good experience while traveling to any major city? Use some common sense tactics...

1.I could never stress this one enough! Do your research...Read up on  what is accepted and not accepted in certain cultures. If you understand and respect someone's culture, they will take you more seriously, and welcome you with those open arms.
2. City people are always quick
3. Don't bother people that look VERY busy.
4. Don't look like a tourist. (Don't wear a fanny pack)
5. Don't be obnoxious
6. AND just don't be surprised if someone ignores you...don't take it personally and let it ruin your trip. just forget about it and move on...